Hard Hose Irrigators

Optimum performance even in difficult Australian terrain.
IB International remains the only official and authorised importer in Australia for Ocmis Irrigazione Srl Hardhose irrigators.

Hard hose irrigators form an integral part of an irrigation system even today. And the most advanced hard hose irrigators are equipped with solar options and advanced water turbine performance.

IB International has assisted Farmers and Dealers around Australia with the knowledge and parts they need for high performance for many years! We know how hard it is to find a great partner. We're here with best products and best support.
IB International Pty Ltd is pleased to be associated with, and the Australian Distributor of Ocmis Hard hose Irrigators.

Ocmis commenced production in 1970 and has always stood out due to its continual commitment to the development of its product range. This dedication to research and development now places OCMIS as a World Leader.

Throughout its history the company has used several different turbine systems. This turbine, much envied by competitors, allows operation at low intake pressures, 2-3 bar for machines with Low Pressure Booms, and 5-6 bar using the Big Guns.

The current turbine, the TURBO SPEED SYSTEM, which is based on seven years experience, has eliminated the transmission belt and the external by-passes. The turbine is connected directly to the gearbox and the by-pass is internal. This keeps pressure absorption to a minimum, allowing the machine to run more smoothly/efficiently.
The OCMIS PRODUCT RANGE available through IB INTERNATIONAL PTY LTD is made up of 13 different machine types and includes mechanical and hydraulic machines, with or without computer systems. There are various models for each type of machine making up 180 models in all.

The range extends from the smallest model, which has a diameter of 40mm and a length of 130 mt to the biggest models that have diameters of 125, 140 and 150mm and lengths of up to 750 mt.

Hard hose irrigators are more efficient in difficult terrain; narrow fields; odd shaped fields; strip irrigation applications; when needing to move across distances to different paddocks; moving across roads; small to medium sized farms, and where they complement pivots to extend coverage. In all of these conditions the next choice is which hard hose irrigator has continued to evolve to meet today's demands?

IB International presents the Variorain Hard Hose Irrigator because it is the best on the market. Our range of irrigators also include more basic models, but always with the highest standards of performance and reliability. When you go through a discovery of how and why a hard hose irrigator may be just what you need we are sure you will agree with us that getting it right first time, and every time, is the best solution! We're here to help you on this journey. 

All models have a fully galvanised chassis and hose reel drum for challenging Australian conditions.

All models upgraded to wide wheels; mechanical lifting of trolley and telescopic feet; mechanical lifting of draw bar; turbine mounted on a 3-speed gearbox with built-in bypass; complete with water cannon, hose guide system, safety guards, PTO for fast retraction and manual winding handle; speed equalizer and B-type coupling on hose connection kit. 
VarioRain Irrigators
Innovative and unique in their genre, 'Variorain' hard hose irrigators are the result of continued attention to versatility and successful application of irrigation where its needed.

Research and development in irrigating those spaces where larger scale laterals and pivots just don't work has proven that the 'Variorain' technology is the solution. Whatever you want, take a look at the Variorain first! The latest technology in hard hose irrigation - unbeaten - and only available through IB International. 
R Series Irrigators
The R Series irrigator range covers from 50mm to 150mm diameter hoses with flow rates from 120 lpm to 2960 lpm allowing this range to meet a wide range of requirements. The R series machines are mounted on a fully galvanized chassis and turntable, allowing 360 degree rotation without moving the irrigator. 

All machines come standard with wide wheels, speed control, fully galvanized sprinkler trolley with variable track width. The current turbine (TURBO SPEED SYSTEM) mounted directly onto the gearbox and complete with built in bypass.

This range can be fitted with many options including Full Hydraulic kits, Computers, Shut-off valves and Compressors
Microrain Irrigators
The MICRORAIN Series mini irrigator units are designed to provide the most economical solution to the problem of watering small areas such as sport fields, golf courses, parks, gardens, market gardens and nurseries. To allow them to meet such a wide range of requirements, they have a regulator mechanism, which allows operation at low pressure and at medium pressure with a flow rate varying according to the model.

Microrain hard hose irrigation is easy to use. Uniquely configured for Australian conditions by IB International. All models have a fully galvanised chassis and hose reel drum, gearbox and turbine drive, automatic shut-off at end of run, hose guide system, power take off for fast retraction, and 60mm F-Type coupling on hose connection kit to connect to irrigator.
There may be one paddock that is awkward terrain, and then he may want to go to another paddock, that may be across the street, or a distance away. Pivots you can tow from one paddock to the next close to each other but you run into difficulty trying to tow a pivot to various paddocks that may be miles apart.
Maybe a narrow paddock with lots of trees on the boundaries, or the odd tree in the paddock that you don’t want to chop down. Or something that has steep hills.
It doesn’t matter where you set it up. You tow the gun trolley out and you put it into gear, add water and away you go.
The main thing is that you have the correct pump selected to supply the water from the source to the machine to operate the machine. Ocmis hardhose irrigators are water turbine driven with an optional petrol/diesel drive if required. If you have a hill you always position your hardhose at the top of the hill and pull the trolley up the hill. Never go across the hill or at the bottom. If the pump or dam is in a different position it is important that you still set your gun trolley at the bottom. The reason is because the layering system relies on tension on the hose to tighten onto the drum. If you wind something on loose it gets all sloppy. When you wind ‘up the hill’ there is always tension to wind in place every time.
It could be just for feed for cattle or sheep, or it could be vegetables or anything you can grow in this terrain. In Tassie they grow potatoes, onions, poppies on hills. It is about the land itself not the terrain when the question of whether you will grow or not. So often there are hilly areas that are fertile for growing.
This irrigation is easier to manage than the growing of the crop. You may have ridges and furrows. You pull it up the hill.
What defines a ‘narrow field’? Something that is long and narrow that wouldn’t suit a pivot or laterals that work better on square shapes. Sometimes the paddock is ‘cut’ by trees or roads, which makes it unfeasible to put a pivot or lateral in place. A hardhose is the natural solution. Hard hose irrigators can pull booms or trolleys. In narrow strips you may prefer the gun trolley. IB International hardhoses have been developed with a quick connection point so that you can switch from boom connection to trolley connections as you work on different areas. This narrow strip you need to irrigate may suit the gun trolley, but elsewhere you may prefer to connect your boom.
Most paddocks will contain one crop in a paddock. A different paddock would have a different crop. The crops generally speaking will take the same amount of water. What may vary is that you may want to run the irrigator faster over some crops than others. Also depending upon the soil types you may need to vary the speed of travel. Pivots are programmed to do this also. But with the hard hose you can select different gears and speeds by opening and closing the bypass to change the speed. You may have crops at different stages – example carrots newly seeded you want quick light water to get the seeds up. You might have Lucerne in another paddock which is primarily a crop that you can grow and harvest maybe 3-4 times per year for stock feed. The Lucerne may want a good soaking whereas the carrots next door may only want a very fast watering so you can change the travel speed to do this. So if you slow it down you put more water on and speeding it up you put a lighter watering on. This is just an example of the versatility of a hard hose irrigator. Evaporation out of the ground varies between different geographical locations and this will also affect the application rates to be correct with your settings. Make sure there is enough moisture in the ground. Hard hose irrigators are portable and helpful. Around Australia they talk about 25ml – 50ml application rates for example. There are many factors. Generally farmers understand all of this and the hardhose irrigator can assist farmers enormously. Avoiding run-off is important but you still need to get the right amount of water down to actually grow something.
Why are hard hose irrigators useful near roads and highways. You can control the irrigation and spray much better. Essentially hard hose irrigators are portable and flexible no matter how large they are. If you have big vast open plains then pivots and laterals are the best. There is no labour involved. But if you are in a tight area where you can’t utilise the full benefits of a pivot or lateral then a hard hose is definitely your best choice for efficiencies. The hard hose you can put a boom or a gun trolley and gives you flexibility.
Irrigation is all about pressure and flow and it is all relevant to what you are growing. Whether you are growing turf, animal food, or something to be highly appreciated by the best chefs! Generally speaking pivots and laterals will be lower pressures and higher volumes because these will irrigate a particular area at one time. Labour costs will be low once infrastructure is put in place. Simply turn on and forget. Unless you look to irrigate only a quarter, or a half, or three quarters of the area at one time. Then you start to run into territory where it would be wise to consider hard hose irrigation. An experienced irrigator understands the criteria and would never make a decision based soley on one aspect. Using large farming irrigation methods for small to medium farming applications, whether they be strip irrigation on large farms or farming on medium farms, is not good practice, no matter how helpful a government grant for the larger irrigation methods may be. The objective for every farmer is to make life grow and bring it to market. IB International has more than 30 years experience irrigating Australian farms. We don’t sell pivots, but where a pivot is the best option we will direct you to a good pivot Dealer. We do sell hard hose irrigators. We sell only the best quality hard hose irrigators, because it is very important to keep up with the best technology as we strive for water efficiencies and good food and farming practices. This article is short. There will be many questions you will have to consider. We want to show you more about hard hose irrigation and to do so we have a current promotion in place.
Often large farming areas can cross over a main highway. There are several considerations here including: Eliminating water spreading onto roads (dangerous, wasteful, and in many circumstances illegal); Eliminating the potential for large equipment to get away and move onto roads (for example large lateral irrigators); Maintaining fence lines and tree lines; Access to water sources A rotor kit attached to a hardhose / water cannon configuration can keep waster away from the roads, or outside the boundaries. A pivot can give you up to 90% efficiency, where the use of a hardhose (given that the land is flat without fencing or trees) would be affected by wind drift and give you approximately 70% efficiencies in this large open space. However, in this instance, in terms of land coverage the tables turn because the pivot will not cover the land that needs coverage, without having to move something that is by its very features not meant to be moved easily. In this situation the best choice would be to use a pivot and complement it with hardhose irrigation. Hardhose irrigation is ideal in this instance because it is portable. You can move the hardhose to each plot. You can pull out whatever length hose you need for each application. If you only want half a run you pull out only half the length of hose. There is no infrastructure or heavy lifting involved. If you want a computerised model that connects to your phone you can still have it. If you want solar powered, water turbine features, these are available and recommended.
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