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For Australian Agriculture and Mining
IB International remains the only official and authorised importer in Australia for Ocmis Irrigazione Srl Hardhose irrigators.*adrian-infernus-BN6iQEVN0ZQ-unsplash*jpg?alt=media&token=0e7770a0-a24a-46ff-88f1-f9c90bec9730

Irrigation and Mining products for all your needs

Irrigation Sprinklers, Hard hose Irrigators, Irrigation Fittings, Couplings, Spare Parts, Sprinkler Stands and more.*ocmis-group-2880w*jpg?alt=media&token=66b6eef3-9c79-49ac-8bc7-ac3949b68b10
Director, Ian Baines, set up IB International Pty Ltd almost 20 years ago following over 20 years experience in the Pumping and Irrigation industry before that, with a solid track record in the field Ian is one of the most knowledgeable irrigation specialists in Australia. 

We are dedicated to supplying a range of high quality Irrigation Fittings / Quick Couplings, Hard Hose Irrigators, Big Guns and Sprinklers and have established our self as a Trusted Supplier to the Agricultural Irrigation and Commercial Irrigation industry along with the Mining and Dairy Industry - Washdown Systems where our products are used for Dust Control, Fire Prevention, Waste Water Applications and Evaporation. We continue to grow in the export market and overseas and local distributors are encouraged to contact us for more information.

IB International Pty Ltd is a fully Australian owned company based in Brisbane. 

Irrigation Sprinklers*sprinklers-1920w*png?alt=media&token=8e8129f0-5b27-476e-8c46-fd563115af5a
IB sprinklers and water cannons have been selected based on expertise that spans more than 30 years in the industry. From small sprinklers to the largest water cannons.

Our Small Sprinklers have a throw of up to 35 metres approximately, our Medium Sprinklers have a throw from 20 metres to 50 metres approximately and our Large Sprinklers have a throw from 35 metres up to 95 metres approximately.

Our sprinklers are perfect for commercial irrigation, mining and dust control use. We also carry smaller sprinklers for hobby farms.

We also supply heavy duty sprinkler stands and sprinkler trolleys with wheels.
Fittings and Couplings*fittings-couplings*PNG?alt=media&token=a0bbc231-15f1-4a9f-889f-a3a549af471e
Flanged fittings (fixed and loose flanged fittings),
Threaded fittings,
Hose fittings,
Dewatering couplings,
Pivot end fittings,
Galvanised fittings,
Stainless steel fittings,
Steel to Poly fittings,
Male weld bell and ring lock couplings,
Foot valves and Strainers,
Quick connect couplings,
B-type, A-type, F-type
Hard Hose Irrigators*VR5-1-1920w*jpg?alt=media&token=8062abd2-825f-4c2b-8424-a87bd583807b
IB International Hard hose irrigators are the most advanced hard hose irrigators available in Australia and are equipped with solar options and advanced water turbine performance features. 

Our irrigators excel in difficult terrain, narrow fields, odd shaped fields, strip irrigation applications and when needing to move across distances to different paddocks. They can also efficiently move across roads and small-to-medium sized farms with ease where they complement pivots to extend coverage.
IB International Pty Ltd aims to fully support our Dealers in their area and all inquiries are channelled through our nominated Dealers. This enables IB International and our Dealers to provide the highest level of service to valued customers, and provide them with the highest standards of equipment and expertise in the marketplace.*ocmis_3097x*webp?alt=media&token=d2fe6d60-bb8e-435b-80e3-b3803448e3bd
We have trusted Dealers throughout Australia for installations. 

We Sell Worldwide 
International customers should contact us by email in the first instance. We provide selected irrigation and materials handling plastics worldwide. 

We only supply the best products with the best customer support. 
Our reputation is important to us. For many years we have provided quality assistance and products to the Agricultural, Mining and Industrial sectors.
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