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For all your irrigation , suction, discharge and dewatering fittings*Footvalves%20-%201280%20x%20720%20px*png?alt=media&token=3d0d6ad4-3a40-4a93-b699-aa7269a07fbf*65PrtNxe_2x*jpg?alt=media&token=14c12a1d-e9b6-41cf-8350-5787f14782f8

We stock a large range of couplings and fittings in multiple sizes.  Our range includes:


Flanged fittings (fixed flange and loose flanged fittings).*Fittings-2-Hose%2Btail%2Bloose%2Bflange%2BTable%2BD-320w*webp?alt=media&token=ca9f453d-3700-45f8-ba48-145cff76359c
Commonly sold Table D and Table E but other flange patterns available on request.
Threaded fittings*Threaded%20coupling%20showing%20green%20protector-reduced*jpg?alt=media&token=cc3cdaad-98d0-403b-9554-723b1502caac
The standard threaded fittings is the BSP thread. Fittings are available in both BSPM (male thread) and BSPF (female thread). Generally most are male threads because it is too difficult to supply with a socket for cleaning, so screw your socket from your shelf which is far more cost effective than trying to clean an internal thread.  

When it is a socket on a taper this is different. The socket on a taper is known as a ‘priming socket’ and is used for suction applications. 
Hose fittings*Fittings-2-Hose%2Bend%2BSS%2Btable%2BE-320w*webp?alt=media&token=9022bbc3-b53f-49f3-bad6-8216379c64da
Ring fittings for layflat irrigation hoses and standard flanged hosetails, which can be used on a range of hoses.

Ring couplings are used for layflat travelling irrigator hose to connect the travelling irrigator to the supply hose. The ring couplings are a tapered coupling that relies on the pull of the hose to tighten the ring onto the hose. Therefore no hose clamps are required for this application. 

All other hose types require hose clamps to hold the hose connected to the fitting. IB International also provides flanged hosetails, or threaded hosetails, or beaded hosetails etc.  

Our weld bells and male ring lock couplings can be used with the hose couplings to connect hoses to irrigators or hydrant points, and can also be used on vacuum trucks and pivot connection points. 
Dewatering couplings*512120-GP-B-Type-Galv-Steel-Male-Coupling-with-Hose-Tail-and-Lever-Ring--320w*webp?alt=media&token=83161e4a-6c03-4409-aa32-a58d4de04482
IB International sells the highest quality of dewatering couplings available, and has Australia’s largest range. These include sizes from 2” (50mm) to 18” (450mm). The configurations of these dewatering couplings include B-type, F-type and A-type.
Pivot bends*512504-Male-B-Type-X--Hose-Tail-X-90-Deg-Long-Rad-Galv-Bend-With-Handle-And-Socket_1024x1024-320w*webp?alt=media&token=e6a334bf-9b46-4100-839d-4d8db633c42f
The pivot bends from IB International are generally hydrant points or other connecting points that lead to the pivot or other. The pivots take higher flows so that the hydrants tend to be 6-8 inch, which means our pivot fittings fill a market void for farmers. These are used to get the water from underground to the operating equipment.
Poly Crimp Couplings*polycrimp*jpg?alt=media&token=8d00f414-763d-412d-8aed-d738e6bcf231
Poly Crimp couplings allow you to have a quick connect and disconnect of poly pipelines. These can be used on both suction and discharge lines. Polycrimp couplings are rated to match the poly pipe they are connected to.
Galvanised fittings*Bend%2BMed%2B1-320w*webp?alt=media&token=1e25514c-f122-4ef4-8297-de68d276ef5c
Fittings are sold ungalvanised or hot dipped galvanised. The former can be welded and galvanised as required. The latter are hot dipped galvanised to give the best protection to extend the life of the fitting. However, some applications may require stainless steel.
Stainless steel fittings*Stainless-Steel-B-Type-Male-and-Female-Couplings-with-Hose-Tails-and-Lever-Ring3*JPG?alt=media&token=617a89d3-fc19-44a6-9a5a-04ed10fc5336
IB International provide both Grades 304 and 316 in stainless steel fittings.
Suction and Discharge Applications.*TR89005-GP-Taper-Flanged-Eccentric-480w*webp?alt=media&token=e490ea9b-2f2c-4cb1-908e-524e7851aaba
Flanged fittings and couplings can be used on suction and discharge applications as required.


IB International supply fittings to be used in Open Dewatering applications and Wellpoint (or Spearhead) Dewatering applications. In Open Dewatering the water is pumped off directly from sumps. Groundwater can be lowered evenly. Suction hose and straineris used to prime and discharge water. In Wellpoint Dewatering the strainers are connected to flexible hoses using quick couplings from either our C-type or B-type coupling range. This type of system is suitable for deep broad sites.

Construction Engineers and Developers are called to work in all kinds of geological conditions.  We understand the movement of water here in Australia as irrigation and dewatering specialists. Whatever your challenge, when it comes to dewatering for construction we can help.

We invite enquiries from Piling companies, Engineers, Developers, Contractors, whoever is involved in having to deal with the removal of water for construction.*Yes%2Bwe%2Bhave%2Bit%2Bman-960w*webp?alt=media&token=ac689b1e-a371-4d90-aff8-af5934b18239
IB International Pty Ltd aims to fully support our Dealers in their area and all inquiries are channelled through our nominated Dealers. This enables IB International and our Dealers to provide the highest level of service to valued customers, and provide them with the highest standards of equipment and expertise in the marketplace.*IMG_0521*JPG?alt=media&token=77e06676-1c7b-4b07-8472-986eac35f845
We have trusted Dealers throughout Australia for installations. 

We Sell Worldwide 
International customers should contact us by email in the first instance. We provide selected irrigation and materials handling plastics worldwide. 

We only supply the best products with the best customer support. 
Our reputation is important to us. For many years we have provided quality assistance and products to the Agricultural, Mining and Industrial sectors.
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