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Price Catalogue

IB International Price Catalogue.

IB International Price Catalogue. Recommended Retail Pricing only provided. For products not shown please enquire


DALLAI Quick Couplings Specifications

DALLAI Quick Couplings Specifications.



Ocmis Performance Charts

OCMIS – Performance Charts for Ocmis Hard Hose Irrigators. Sizes 40-130 to 150-500 provided.

OCMIS Spare Parts Exploded Views

OCMIS Spare Parts Exploded Views. To order spare parts for Ocmis Hard Hose Irrigators locate the machine and follow the numbered references on the diagrams provided.

OCMIS Manuals for Hard Hose Irrigators

These manuals for Ocmis Hard Hose Irrigators are provided for loyal Dealers, Associates and Friends of IB International. Every care is taken to ensure that the content herein provides a high quality guide.

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