IB International at the QGCE

The Queensland Gas Conference and Exhibition was a success.

Being so close to home for us, we were all able to come out and speak to everyone at the QGCE – we were at 1018 and our people were on hand over the two days last week speaking with all sorts of folks from the Gas and Mining Industry.

Director Ian Baines spearheaded the charge into this new field with years of expertise and knowhow in Mining, Industry and Agriculture.

We showcased a wide assortment of Cannons, Sprinklers, Fittings and Pallets – as well as little.. ‘video’ presentation of our gear in action for those quiet moments..

Interested? Intrigued? We all were…

The video showed a trio of our resident starlets in a hilarious sketch show, show casing the wide variety and a quick display of how our products are (usually) used.

The result? Entertained (also enlightened AND informed) onlookers as those three stooges amused themselves with a plethora of IB International gear.

Stay tuned! There’ll be links to the videos after the break.

IB International – Mining the Territory!

It’s only a been a few days since the QLD Gas Expo and we’re off again.. This time to Tropical Darwin.

IB International will be there at the “Mining the Territory” event in the NT from Tuesday the 18th of September. We’ll be there ready to talk about the very best in Mining and water solutions in particular: Dewatering, Dust Control, Washdown and Evaporation. We’ve sent our brightest – Director Ian Baines himself – so that no question will go unanswered. He’s there right now ready to speak with all interested parties.

Mines around Australia are already benefiting from the edge our gear gives.. if I were you, I wouldn’t miss this chance.

Can’t wait to see you there!

We’ll be at the Royal Toowoomba Ag Show 2012!

IB International and Freedom Irrigation at the Toowoomba Royal Show

We’ll be at the Royal Toowoomba Ag Show this September 4,5 and 6 with our friend MALCOLM THOMPSON from Freedom Irrigation. Look for the Ocmis Hardhose Irrigator – you can’t miss it! It’s BIG and BLUE.

It’s none other than one of our OCMIS R-Series R1/1 75/250 that’s come with us.

We’ll be at the FREEDOM IRRIGATION Stall – come say hello to Ian, Malcolm and Mr Daniel Craig

We’ve got heavy duty Nestable Pallets!

“Hang on, Wait just one moment!  Did you say “Heavy Duty” and “Nestable Pallets” Together? Are you serious?”

Anyone else confused? Here let me explain:

Nestable pallets are lightweight pancake-on-stilts type things that are designed to ‘nest’ inside each other (hence the namesake) and reduce the space and weight involved costs on return trips. They’re also made to be thin, easy and lightweight (how awesome is that?).

But that also means they usually can’t take loads that are too heavy, leaving most folks still having to use normal style pallets for heavier loads.

Wood and plastic are the types of material you can generally expect to find nestable pallets made of – the wooden ones are frail affairs, having to be moulded (not built or nailed together) to actually be able to ‘nest’. The most common material is PRESSWOOD, made in the same way as chipboard and medium density fibre (MDF). Plastic on the other hand allows for more flexibility and is more solid and sturdier.

Yet usually you still have to go for the full stackable solid pallets for anything more than a tonne or so –


We’ve been working with our guys and have come out with a strong, versatile, plastic nestable pallet. (Did I say Strong?). This HEAVY DUTY nestable takes two and a half tonne (2.5t or 2500kg) static loads and one and half tonne (1.5t or 1500kg) dynamic or moving loads. That’s almost a whole tonne more than most other plastic nestables and it weights only 14kg (10kg lighter than a wooden pallet in the same class!) – also just as versatile as its wooden counterpart, 4 way pallet-jack or forklift entry, 135mm height and this particular one is a 1200 x 1000.

Here’s a spec table, in case you missed that:

  • Size:                           1200 x 1000
  • Weight:                    14kg
  • Static Load:            2500kg
  • Dynamic Load:      1500kg
  • 4 way Forklift
  • 4 way Hand Trolley/Pallet Jack

We have these now and we can get a lot more. So give us a call or come by our new warehouse and see these marvels for yourself.


We decided our warehouse wasn’t giving us enough space – so decided to move!

“That’s exciting news! Where to?”

I know! It is exciting isn’t it? It’s a new and improved place! It’s bigger; has more space; much more accessible and easier to get to, you can’t miss it.

“So.. the address?”

It’s number 6 Breene Place, Morningside!

“Where is that?”

Well, do you know that big Lytton/Junction/Colmslie Road Roundabout?


Breene Place is the first left as you go along Lytton road on the way to Bulimba or the City.

“…and you guys are where?”

Right on the corner, on the left side as you turn in! Number 6.

“Awesome!…  Sorry still don’t follow”

Awww.. that’s alright! Here’s a map! You can even zoom in to “street view” and see us up close.

View Larger Map

“AH! I know where that is!”

Good! Now I’ve gone to all that trouble, you best come by and visit us now! We’ll be waiting, can’t wait to see you!

Three IB International OCMIS Variorains Heading Out Today!

It’s a good day to be a part of the IB International team; the mood is one of excitement as we wipe the sweat of our brows and bid a cheerful farewell to a fleet of our OCMIS Hard-hose Irrigators. These gentle blue giants form part of our VARIORAIN line and are the most reliable and efficient irrigators of their class in the world.

The VARIORAINs are new set of irrigation machines from OCMIS latest innovations of the traditional hosereel irrigator design. A new range of machines, they are unique in their genre, with lower pressure drops; easy to use; versatile and robust needing minimal maintenance.

OCMIS, founded in 1970 with a focus in the manufacture of precision mechanical parts, is a world leader in the production of irrigation machinery, commanding the highest standards of quality in the materials and Hose Reel Irrigators.

The VARIORAIN series is exclusive to IB International and our Australian Dealers; we work closely with OCMIS IRRIGAZIONE to provide Australia with the very Best in hardhose technology and supply our Local Australian Farmers the best Hardhose Irrigator in the International Market.