IB International and Ocmis Vario Range Irrigators

The VARIO RANGE of Ocmis hardhose irrigators is the latest advance by Ocmis and are ONLY available through IB International.

VARIO RAIN – Leading the World in Technology. Designs so superior they are unique. Main advantages of the range include lower pressure drops as well as its easy to use, versatile and robust system. IB International continue to Partner with Ocmis Irrigazione to bring Australia the Best!


IB International and Ocmis Partnership stay ahead of the pack with the best technology in Hardhose Travelling Irrigators


IB International and Ocmis have been together for a while now, ensuring Australian Farmers get the best Hardhose Irrigator on the World market.  The Ocmis Variorain is exclusive to IB International via our Australian Dealers.  Here are some of the reasons we are so proud to boast!


Change gears with ease - like driving a car


Variorain models have a Turbo Reduction unit which allows for simpler gear speed changing (4 speeds), while working, thanks to the exclusive and patented synchronized gearbox and the 3 brake positions (no backstop!).  Extra power take-off mounted through angle gear system ont he turbine shaft which, in case of small rocks/debris blocking the impeller, enables one to intervene directly and remove it without opening the turbine.   Hmmm.... can Life be this easy?


Strong Robust Built for Australian Conditions


Just what you've come to expect from IB International and Ocmis.  Machines that are specifically made for Australian conditions.  Our specifications are what you demand.  Structure and Turret made with cross-section steel tubes, completely robot welded and hot galvanised to ensure optimum quality and long life.  Galvanised chasis and hose reel drum; wide wheels for our terrain.  European technology focused on Australian conditions.  Reel lifting system second to none, built to operate again and again and again...  Large telescopic feet, controlled by hydraulic rams ensure safe and effective anchoring of the machine under any condition.  Exclusively designed drawbar, with simple height adjustment. The special trolley configuration allows the operator to manoeuvre when there is not much room available, resulting in easier use in the field.


Don't just take our word for it.  And don't be fooled by end of year bargains.  Don't buy anything until you talk to us about the Variorain.  You'll be so glad you did. IB International is an Australian owned Company.  We will nominate a Dealer near you who can provide you with great customer service and real knowledge and experience to assist you with the Variorain or your larger project. 


IB International spare parts and back up are always available.  Call us today for more information about the Variorain Travelling Irrigators.

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