IB International and Ocmis R-Series Irrigators


The R Series irrigator range covers from 50mm to 110mm diameter hoses with flow rates from 120 lpm to 1500 lpm allowing this range to meet a wide range of requirements. The R series machines are mounted on a fully galvanized chassis and turntable, allowing 360 degree rotation without moving the irrigator. All machines come standard with wide wheels, speed control, fully galvanized sprinkler trolley with variable track width. The curent turbine (TURBO SPEED SYSTEM) mounted directly onto the gearbox and complete with built in bypass.


  • This range can be fitted with many options
  • Full Hydraulic kits
  • Computers
  • Shut-off valves
  • Compressors


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R1/1 Series Hard Hose Irrigators
R1/1 Hard Hose Irrigator Models R1/1-63/250 R1/1-63/30..
R2 Series Hard Hose Irrigators
R2 Hard Hose Irrigator Models R2-75/300 R2-75/330 ..
R2/1 Series Hard Hose Irrigators
R 2/1 Hard Hose Irrigator Models R2/1-75/350 R2/1-82/3..
R3 Series Hard Hose Irrigators
R 3-3/1 Hard Hose Irrigator Models R3-82/430 R3-90/370..
R3/1 Series Hard Hose Irrigators
R 3/1 Hard Hose Irrigator Models R3/1-90/450 R3/1-110/..
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