Irrigating for vegetables.  The requirements for crop growing vary greatly both during the life of the crop and the variation of crops grown across landscapes.  The Ocmis "Variorain" hardhose machines (or travelling irrigators) are world renowned for their technology, durability and ease of use from the smallest to the larger 150/380 machine.  Link to low pressure booms or water canons.  All models have a fully galvanised cahssis and hose reel drum and are turbine mounted on the new 4 synchronised speed gearbox with built in bypass.  

Ian Baines, Director of IB International, has been in the Australian Irrigation industry for over 30 years and has established a network of reliable Dealers around the country you can rely on.  Having worked with this Ocmis machine the spec is for our climate and is a World Leader.  Talk to us today about irrigation for your vegetables.  

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