Climber Water Cannon
Climber Water Cannon Climber Water Cannon

Climber Water Cannon

Product Code: 214077
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Climber Water Cannon Specs
Base Size 63 BSPF
Primary Nozzle Size 26 - 34mm
Nozzle radius 42 - 67
Flow LPM 800 - 2162

The CLIMBER is the latest Gear Drive Water Canon from Sime.  The Climber is particularly suited for dust control and fire prevention on coal stacks; dust control for stock piles or anywhere a varied angle reaching 46 degrees is required; and applications that require the performances of this significant water cannon.  The Climber is the first gear drive vari-angle built with a focus on dust control for mining.  Technologically advanced the 'Climber' is a leader in water cannons and comes from the World's leading manufacturer.  As the Importer of this Brand, IB International holds the largest range of Sime Water Canons and is proud to be able to make this Canon available here in Australia for Mines, Industry and Agriculture. IB international's long experience in Australian conditions and applications, coupled with Europe's number one manufacturer makes for an unbeatable Team, bringing brand and service to Australian Projects.   

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